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Porcelain Tiles

Some background

Porcelain tiles has been a popular product among homeowners and contractors for many decades but despite its excellent qualities there are still many people who know little or nothing about this extraordinary product. There are now new manufacturing processes which is drawing more attention to porcelain tiles but more will have to be done to inform people about the many uses of porcelain tiles. In our store you can find the perfect match for your kitchen or bathroom, with the quality and style that your home deserves. There used to be a time when only standard 4 by 4-inch square tiles was available but this has now changed. It is now possible to get porcelain tiles that measure 11 by 5 feet and tiles are available that are 1.8” or 3.4” thick and this is providing users with various possibilities when decorating. Porcelain tiles can be used in all conditions, indoors and outdoors and with proper installation the tiles will not crack when exposed to extreme temperatures. Porcelain tiles do not absorb water and therefore they will not be affected by flooding or other natural disasters.

Other benefits

Not only is porcelain tiles heat and cold resistant, they are also just about impossible to stain or scratch. Even red wine soaking overnight on your porcelain tile have no chance of penetrating that hard surface. It will be entirely possible to clean that surface a week later without any damage to the tile. Porcelain tiles is available in different shades that vary between a high gloss to a smooth matte and you can get a smooth finish or a more irregular finish. Some older homes may already have first generation porcelain tiles installed but the interesting thing is that new porcelain tiles can be installed on top of the old ones which saves time and money because there is no time wasted on preparing the surface. It must be remembered that new porcelain tiles are super thin and therefore installing on an existing tile poses no problems at all and neither will you sacrifice on strength because the new manufacturing processes ensure that your porcelain tile will always be equal to all conditions for which they may be needed.

So versatile

You may want to do both the floors and walls of your bathroom and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot use porcelain tiles on your bathroom walls. You can use super thin porcelain tiles for more delicate finishes such as tables and other surfaces. Even though, relatively little marketing has been done so far on the uses of porcelain tile, this is by no means a reflection on the quality of this product because porcelain tile is extremely strong and durable and when properly installed will last for decades. Some retailers refer to this product as thin porcelain panels while others speak of a thin porcelain tile but all of these names describe the same high-quality product. Other tiles may require frequent maintenance but this is not the case as far as porcelain tiles are concerned which is just one more reason why consumers should really take another look at porcelain tiles.

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