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New generation of cement-based flexible thin set mortar with extended coverage, excellent bonding strength and easy handling. For almost all substrates in interior and exterior applications. For almost all covering materials, including ceramic and quarry tile installations, porcelain stoneware, porcelain and glass mosaic, clinker and brick tile. 


Servolight can also be used for under water installations (swimming pools), even of glas mosaic and can be used to fill holes and level substrates up to 3/4" (15 mm) thickness. 

Meets and exceeds german industrial standard for flexible tile adhesive "Richtlinie für Flexmörtel" and ANSI A 118.4.


Servoflex-Trio- SuperTec:

Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec is especially formulated to provide full mortar transfer to avoid air entrapments between mortar and covering without the disadvantage of floating bed mortar billowing through joints.
Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec will hold heavy stone without sagging.


Kiesel Thin Set

    • Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec is especially suitable for large modular ceramic tile installations, porcelain stoneware and natural stone coverings on limited form stable substrates such as heated screed (please follow the respective regulations and data sheets), in situ concrete (at least 3 months old) and similar. By increasing the water content to approx. 1.8 US gal. (7.0 litres) per bag you yield a pourable floating bed mortar allowing an even installation without air pockets. Thus the back buttering-floating technique does not apply here. Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec will hold the heavy stone, large tiles without sagging. Heated floors can be operational after three days only * (please follow local and manufacturer specifications).
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