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Lavastone Strips - Regular

Lavastone, a lovely charcoal basalt, is rich and dark with sharp, crisp edges and clean lines, giving this basalt stone a dramatic and impressive shadow effect. Choose Lavastone for both indoor and outdoor walls, on your fireplace, feature wall or as a backsplash. This charcoal basalt would look lovely in any contemporary home.


Strips - Regular

With clean, sharp lines and amazing shadow effects, the Strips collection represents the pinnacle of modern sophisticated design. This collection is designed to project the beauty and essence of natural stone through cuts that unlock its stunning, naturally occurring striations and intricately-formed patterns. The Strips collection offers one of the greatest ways to experience natural stone. Each piece is cut to precise specifications, enabling a seamless installation without the need for grouting. The Strips collection consists of individual pieces.


Source: Erth Coverings


  • Material: Basalt

    Application : Exterior: Fireplace, Feature Wall, Pool Feature. Interior: Fireplace, Feature Wall, Backsplash.

    Comes in loose pieces. 6.5 sqft of stone per box


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