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The Nativa Collection – Refined chromatic effects, combined with the depth of quartzite stones. It can create a project with high natural yield.


Quartzite stones are the key interpreters of Nativa: from the most precious barge to the most lively interpretations of the color mix, up to the purest colors of black and white.

The collection is complete with different solutions in terms of size and applications, thus offering great versatility and multiplicity of use. The most traditional multi-formats are easily combined to create elegant floors for outdoor and indoor.


Combining it with different types of floors creates different styles of furniture for in and outdoor: from the most rustic to the more modern, from commercial to residential space, giving character and naturalness to the environment.


  • Sizes Available: 5x10, multisize

    Colours Available: Bianco, Nero

    Finish: Matte

    Imported from: Italy

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