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Silver Fox 3D Panels

Silver Fox is a stunning and contemporary limestone. These 3D panels have a subtle range of pale greys, and would look perfect as the stone cladding on your fireplace or feature wall as a way to elevate and modernize your home. Choose Silver Fox for the backsplash for your kitchen remodel or to bring a touch of modern elegance to your outdoor space. Silver Fox is suitable for both indoor and outdoor renovations.



Each panel is made up of skillfully cut pieces arranged by varying thickness in order to show a variation in depth. The pieces are cut to reveal a natural and vibrant colour. Exact cuts allow for tight stacking panels. These natural stone veneers are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Consider applying the panels to fireplaces, feature walls and outdoor water features.


Source: Erth Coverings

Silver Fox 3D

  • Material: Limestone

    Application : Exterior: Fireplace, Feature Wall, Pool Feature. Interior: Fireplace, Feature Wall, Backsplash.

    Sizes Available: 6x24


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